Friday, July 10, 2009

Steel Drum Band-Panjive

A couple months ago I shot a wedding in Long Beach and for the first time I had the pleasure of working with the steel drum band Panjive. I have shot a lot of bands over the years with very, very few worth mentioning in my opinion, but Panjive were all that and much more. All the guys in the band are super cool, friendly as can be and extremely talented. There is no doubt they set the tone for the event. Their music is fun and festive....and if you close your eyes while hearing them play you would swear Bob Marley was in the house.

On Panjive's website are some sample songs to check out, I don't think there is any singing in the samples but they definitely sing while playing and their vocals are on it!

Here is an excerpt from their website that gives a little insight on who Panjive is:

PANJIVE steel drum & Calypso Band is an intoxicating blend of Calypso, Reggae, and Contemporary music that always incorporates the unique island sounds of the "Steel Drum".

Caribbean steel drum rhythms native to Trinidad and Jamaica are fused by the band to create beautiful background steel drum music for your wedding or corporate event, or create an upbeat fun-filled show with their tropical music that never fails to excite an audience!

PANJIVE is comprised of young, professional musicians who are punctual, and friendly, offering a unique listening experience that is exciting, up-lifting, and memorable.

Regardless of the size of your event, PANJIVE can cater to your particular entertainment needs by offering everything from a "Solo" Steel Drummer to a full 5 - Piece band with vocals. So when it comes time to think "Island Music" or "Caribbean" theme, think PANJIVE! go check em' out.

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